"...Maybe I knew it from the start. Maybe I didn't. But this sword seemed destined to become a vessel of prosperity and inspiration, gaining a soul to better fufill it's purpose."

World of Hope and Light "Gate" is an odd, but extraordinarily powerful War-mode weapon that can only be obtained by using extremely rare crafting materials from a special event. Although you must be exceedingly powerful in order to get these rare materials, this sword and others like it are amazing end results. When simply in your inventory, it gives a passive skill. When powered up enough, it will get an extra skill. Both of these skills are unique to it. When held, it will give off an intense light aura that will light up all of the player's screen and will also absorb the HP of enemies that come within it at a rate of 10 HP per second, and give that HP to the player.


  • 250 Melee Damage (Contact)
  • 10 HP as Damage/second (Light Aura)
  • No knockback (Contact)
  • No knockback (Light Aura)
  • Faster-Than-Light Speed


Crafted at:

Prosperity God Shrine

Power Up Requirements:

  • Must have slain at least 500 enemies with this sword
  • Must have survived the whole Ancient Festival event, and defeated the final boss.

Power Up cost:

Powered Up At:

Prosperity God Shrine

Special Skills:

Million Blades (Personal Skill):

Whenever this sword is used, projectile images of itself will fly towards the cursor appearing from offscreen every time this sword is swung. As such, massive damage can be inflicted in the player keeps the cursor held down on an enemy. The projectile swords deal anywhere from 50 to 100 damage. Also, secret skills for other special blades in their final form are unlocked as well.

Light Spirit's Law (Extra Skill):

When this weapon is being held or is in the hotbar, the damage dealt by the player will recieve a damage bonus of up to 50% proportional to how high their HP is, and will recieve a Defense buff proportional to how low their HP is.