Winter is a event that has a 1% chance of happening at the beginning of a day in War Mode or by using the Frosted Globe at night. It lasts for eight Terrarian days. Many new monsters will Spawn and will replace all the normal monsters.The night before winter arrives it will say "Winter is Coming" and when the new day starts it will say "Winter is here."


  • Ice Slime (Anywhere) (Day) (Replaces all Slimes)
  • Spiked Ice Slime (Anywhere) (Day) (Replaces Ice Slimes)(25%)
  • Zombie Eskimo (Anywhere) (Night) (Replaces Zombies)
  • Ice Elemental (Anywhere)
  • Wolf (Anywhere)
  • Ice Golem (Anywhere)
  • Ice Bat (Anywhere)
  • Cyan Beetle (Anywhere)
  • Snow Flinx (Anywhere)
  • Undead Viking (Anywhere)
  • Dire Wolf
  • White Walker


All of the the surface including dessert will be covered in snow. Water will have ice covering it and will inflict "Chilled" when touched.


The NPCs in your base will sell special items during this event.They will also throw snow balls at each other and start snowball fights.




  • "Hey (player name) is it me or is it getting cold outside....its me, ok" (Day before winter starts)
  • "The weather outside IS frightening!"


  • "Careful hon, you don't want get frost burn"
  • "Huh, frost burn, have you been chasing those ice slimes again?"


  • " Beware (Player Name) Winter is coming" (day before winter starts)

Traveling Merchant

  • "Your as cold as ice... Oh yes, please buy something"


  • 'Hey do you want to build a snow fort.... no?...ok"
  • "Hey do you want to build a"
  • "Waahh the ice is frozen so I can't fish!"


  • The saying "Cold as ice" is a reference to a song of the same name.
  • "The weather outside is frighting" is a verse from the holiday song "Let It Snow".
  • "Winter is Coming" is a reference to the stark saying in Game of Thrones.


Credit goes to AKnightInShiningArmor

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