Template loop detected: Template:Cleanup The Wasp King is a boss that spawns after War Mode has been unlocked. It can be summoned with the Venom Coated Stinger while in a Hive. It has 35,000 Heart and may summon Hornets and Giant Hornets as minions.

An interesting quirk about the Wasp King is that he and the Queen Bee will prioritize attacking the other above the player, although their attacks can still harm the player. Hornets and Giant Hornets will also fight Bees and Bee Soldiers. Once the other boss is not present in the world, however, the surviving boss will attack the player.

First Stage

In the first stage of the fight, the Wasp King will fly around the Hive, shooting stingers at the player. These stingers have a 75% chance of inflicting the 'Venom' debuff and have an attack power 55. They travel very fast, making them hard to dodge.

The Wasp King may also sit still for a moment, spawning 1-3 Hornets.

The Wasp King's melee attack will be a swift charge at the player from whatever direction they are in. This attack will home in on the player and has 200 attack power.

Second Stage

The second stage of the fight is triggered when the Wasp King gets down to 17,500 Heart. It will fly around much more rapidly and its stingers now have a 100% chance to deal Venom and have an attack power of 75. It will also summon Giant Hornets as it flies.

Its melee attack is no longer used, but contact with the Wasp King has 100 power.


  • Coins (100%)

Only one of the following will be dropped

If the Queen Bee is killed by the Wasp King, it will drop Bee Spray.