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The War Outbreak is a (Post-Mechanical Boss) Hardmode event. It is summoned using the Coded War Message.When the event start you will hear faint marching and a message in yellow will say,"The countries have waged war with you!" You have 2 minutes to prepare before a second message will appear saying,"You are under attack!". During the event Gas shells will drop continuesly and there will be 2 minibosses. When you finish the event a new NPC will move in. He's called the "Ex-General". This song will be playing throughout the whole event:

Robokop - At War -Dubstep- -Free Download-04:33

Robokop - At War -Dubstep- -Free Download-



  • Lee-Enfield Rifle
  • Ammo Cartridge
  • Gun Replicator Table
  • Marksman`s Fortune Soup
  • Agent Overcoat
  • Badge of Attrition
  • Gatling Turret
  • Bayonet
  • Entrencher
  • Kevlar armour
  • Prototype X
  • Flame-Thrower[1]
  • Military Alloy

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