Beyond the Lands Season One: Risk at Dawn

Chapter 1: Curios the Name!

In the Land of Betrovious, there was a small desert village. It was a busy one, people worked harder than the others, farming salt, sifting, and blacksmithing is their specialty. And now comes a boy, in a blacksmith...

(Curio) Dad can I be a swordsman? Pls...

(Dad) No, not again Curio.

(Curio) Cmon, my brother Conan got to be one...

(Dad) Because he was chosen to be trained and protect our village.

(Curio) Hmph

(Dad) My my, this is how I live when I adopt a Human Cat...

Curio never stopped asking his dad, but he trained secretly during the cold nights with a training stick . He never stopped training. But then a goblin invasion happened in his Village, during midnight.

(Curio) *Smells fire* Weird smells like fire on my vill-... Gotta go fast, hope they're ok.

(Village People) Evacuate the village! Our time has End with an invasion!

People where in fright, homes burning to the ground. Curio was late, he saw his fallen brother... While walking slowly to him, his tears started shredding.

(Curio) Hey, you ok bro?

(Soldier) Curio should run, there's no need for pity. The village is gone... silence*

Curio went from a proud happy child, to an angry tiger, he took his brothers sword and fought. Few minutes passed, he had wounds and bruises everywhere in his body. While fighting he thought of something special.

(Goblin #1) Sir, our men are badly wounded!

(Chief ???) How did this happen? Our raid was doing very well!

(Goblin #2) A chi- chi- child sir...

(Chief ???) What? You let your defeated by a child!?



Hey guys, Story made up... Anyways first story to tell to the public...

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