The Unseen Spirit is an early-War Mode enemy spawned in the Dungeon or The Underworld. They resemble

Unseen Spirit

and act like normal Dungeon Spirits. The Unseen Spirit behaves in a same way as normal Dungeon Spirits. They are spawned by killing any monster with 1000 or more Heart in the Dungeon or The Underworld in War Mode at a 100% chance. Like Dungeon Spirits, Unseen Spirits are capable of moving through blocks and will chase the player at full speed attempting to deal high damage to the player on screen until it dies. The Unseen Spirit has a bigger chance of spawning during a Blood Moon or a Solar Eclipse. Unseen Spirits can also be farmed. To farm Unseen Spirits and Unseen Ectoplasms, You must use a flat arena and something that boosts spawn rates. When defeated, they drop Unseen Ectoplasm at a 100% chance.


  • 2500 Heart / 5000 Heart in Expert Mode
  • 95 defense
  • 270 damage / 560 in Expert Mode (contact)
  • 100% knockback (KB) resistance
  • Immune to all debuffs
  • Immune to lava



  • The sprite resembles a Dungeon Spirit, which is a recolored version of them.