I know that something similar to this exists, but this is a lot different from the normal skeletron and skeletron prime...

Ultratron is a very difficult boss that acts as a challenge for experienced players. The superboss has 3 parts: two razor blades that act as hands, and a head. At first, the eyes will be gray and ultratron will do simple attacks, but as the superbosses' health decreases, its eyes turn red, and the hands will eventually grow spikes. WARNING: It is recommended to get the best war mode armor before trying to tackle this boss. In expert mode, the boss also gets a instakill attack that is clearly visible.



Ultratron, with its hands and in second form

  • 400,000 Heart (head)
  • 200,000 Heart each (hands)
  • Head (gray eyes/first stage) 160 damage
  • Hands (first stage) 160 damage
  • Head (second stage) 400 damage
  • Hands (second stage) 500 damage
  • Expert instakill: 9999 damage

Definitely Scary...

"Defeat Ultratron, the three-eyed amalgamate of Skeletron Prime"

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