Triton is a very late War Mode boss that can be summoned by using a Specter Script or by completing the Celestial event. His message upon summon is "The end approaches!!". He is extremely powerful and is considered as one of hardest war mode bosses.


  • 100000 hp (total)
  • 20000 hp ( each skull)
  • 20000 hp (core)
  • 60000 hp (head)


First Stage

When he is in his first stage Triton summons specters and is constantly shooting homing crystals (which deal 20-40 damage), also shooting at you with a purple and red laser beam which deals 200-400 damage.

Second Stage

His second form is unlocked when his skulls are killed, making him deal almost twice the damage, and he can also shoot down red stars (similar to the attack of the Star Wrath) which deal 350-450 damage.

Third Stage

His third stage is unlocked when Triton's core is killed, which has 180000 health, and from then on, Triton goes completely berserk and his head flies around the air, diving down to try to hit the player. When the player defeats Triton, the Interstellar Event begins, and the Triton (NPC) can then arrive.


Only one of the following will drop: