The Time Rift is an event that happens after War Mode has been activated. It will happen on its own very rarely. When this happens, a message will appear saying "Time is bending in (Number of Rifts) places in (Name of World)". Once the Time Rift has begun, the time will freeze, and 5-10 Rifts will spawn in the world. All Rifts must be destroyed for the event to end. It should be noted that the Time Rift will not start if a Moon Event (E.g. Pumpkin Moon) is happening at the time.


The Rifts will also spawn one of the following enemies every 10-30 seconds. If the Rift is on your screen, it will spawn these enemies once every 5-15 seconds:

Once at least 3 Rifts have been destroyed, the Void Alien miniboss has a chance to spawn.


Due to the time stop during this event, it is possible to farm for items. An example would be during a Full Moon, it would be possible to farm Werewolves.

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