The Murk is a Pre-Hard Mode miniboss found in The Swamp. It looks like a large slime made out of mud and filled with stones and broken trees. It is summoned when the player uses the Muddy Gel, along with the message "You hear the trees crack and the mud rumble."


  • 2000 Heart
  • 3000 Heart (Mod)
  • 10 Melee Damage (Phase One)
  • 15 Melee Damage (Phase One - Expert Mode)
  • 30 Melee Damage (Phase Two)
  • 40 Melee Damage (Phase Two - Expert Mode)
  • 10 Ranged Damage (Wood)
  • 15 Ranged Damage (Dirt/Mud)
  • 25 Ranged Damage (Stone)
  • 20 Defense (Phase One)
  • 26 Defense (Phase One - Expert Mode)
  • 25 Defense (Phase Two)
  • 32 Defense (Phase Two - Expert Mode)

The Fight:

Phase One:

In phase one, The Murk jumps around like the King Slime, and occasionally spawn Jungle Slimes and Swamp Slimes. If he goes in water, he will regenerate 100 Heart and hop out.

Phase Two starts once he reaches 900 (1500 - Mod) Heart.


Phase Two:

In phase two, The Murk is like a spiked slime, shooting mud, stone, and wood at the player. He gains both defense and offense, and can overpower most Pre-Hard Mode players. In this stage, he gains 150 Heart from water. If he goes above 900 Heart, he will retain his second phase. He will also jump much higher in this stage, and gain immunity to poison.


One of the following: