The Terrarian Revenge is an extremely powerful War Mode spellbook that can fire the same spells as the Flower of Fire, Water Bolt, Book of Skulls, Demon Scythe, Crystal Storm, Flower of Frost, Cursed Flames/Golden Shower, Magnet Sphere, and Inferno Fork. Once you have this in your inventory, it will permanently activate 6 random buffs as long as you have it and increase your defense by 12. It inflicts the same debuffs as the crafting recipes do to enemies.


  • 2 Flower Of Fire
  • 2 Water Bolt
  • 2 Book Of Skulls
  • 2 Demon Scythe
  • 2 Crystal Storm
  • 2 Flower Of Frost
  • 2 Cursed Flames/Golden Shower
  • 2 Magnet Sphere
  • 2 Inferno Fork
  • 101 Souls of Bright

Crafted at:


  • 200 damage(combined)
  • Insanely fast speed
  • Uses 9 mana
  • Tooltip:"Welcome to the beginning of the end!"

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