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Welcome to the Terraria Fan Ideas Wiki

Welcome to the Terraria Fan Ideas Wiki, a community of players (and non players) of the popular sandbox game, Terraria, who create pages about what they think should be added to it!

We currently have 47,781 pages, 7,033 articles, and 37 active users, and with your help, we can achieve even greater heights!

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Idea of the Week

Congratulations, 652Graystripe! Your idea, the Grecian Automaton is the Idea of the Week!

Grecian Automaton
The Grecian Automaton is an enemy that spawns in Marble Caves after Hard Mode has been unlocked. It will attempt to fly at the player; rather than flapping slowly like a Slimer, it will make sudden, lurching dashes when in close range.

The official Discussion and Voting threads can be found here and here!

Sprite of the Week

Congratulations, Terraria57! Your sprite, Dreadmaster, is the Sprite of the Week! 
Dread Emperor-57
By Terraria57

Visit the voting thread here and the official thread here.

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