The Subzero Armor is a War Mode magic armor. It is a direct upgrade to the Spectre Armor.


  • Hood: 13 Defense, +13% Magic Damage, -20% Mana Cost
  • Mask: 24 Defense, +5% Magic Damage, -10% Mana Cost
  • Robe: 30 Defense, -10% Magic Damage, -20% Mana Cost
  • Leggings: 20 Defense, +10% Magic Attack Speed, -10% Mana Cost
  • Set Bonus: +5 Defense, +10% Magic Attack Speed, +10% Magic Damage, -20% Mana Cost, heals health when hitting an enemy with a magic attack, lava will turn into obsidian when walked on.


  • 3 Frost Cores
  • All the Spectre Armor parts
  • 30 Souls of Bright
  • All the Frost Armor parts

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