Stan is a Boss encountered in the Underworld that is spawned by dropping a Demon Crown into the Lava.

He looks like a very buff demon with wings that look too small for his body and is about twice the size of the Paladin. He can only move by walking, jumping and gliding. He is surprisingly nimble and also very fast. He attacks with Stan's Blade, he will only attack when the player is within range.

When he reaches half of his health his wings grow to match his body size, he is able to fly, his melee attacks get stronger and he shoots Demon Arrows from between his horns. 

When he reaches a quarter of his original health he will summon 3 Red Devils to assist him in battle that he will respawn so that he always has 3. He will also be able to shoot tridents similar to those of Red Devils and his attack rate increases. 


  • 25,000Heart
  • 54 Defense
  • 70 Melee Damage (Stan's Blade 1st stage)
  • 130 Melee Damage (Stan's Blade 2nd stage)
  • 75 Ranged Damage (Demon Arrows)
  • 130 Magic Damage (Trident)



  • When Stan uses Stan's Blade, it is twice as big as it would normally be and doesn't fire flaming skulls.
  • When Stan fires Demon Arrows, they are 1,5 times as big and only have a piercing effect.


  • The name Stan is a direct reference to Satan.
  • The Flies he drops are a reference to Beelzebub, another name for Satan that directly translates to Lord of the Flies.

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