"Many a tale have been spun about this horrific monster. Some say that the creature's gaze is what kills the moon. Others say that it is simply the mother of the wandering eyes. One popular story says that it can see everything, even your thoughts. What people have yet to realize, is that they are all true."


The Spirit of Sight is a boss in The End, and is the second spirit you face. Randomly, after you defeat the Spirit of Flight, a message saying "The trees groan..." will appear. This indicates that you must travel to the jungle. Once there, the screen will start to darken. Once the screen turns to black, it lights back up, but this time with a heavy green tint. At this point the spirit will spawn.

The Fight

The Spirit will start off as a transparent image, floating just out of reach of the player. As it does this, it will fire clouds tracking spores from it's iris. If not destroyed, these projectiles will burst, causing nearby blocks to spawn Tanglers. It will then disappear, occasionally reappearing just to ram the player. Sometimes it spawns large, ghostly eyes around the edges of the screen that inflict the "Weak" debuff and cause the tangelers to do more damage. Once it is low on health, it will start spawning clones of itself to distract the player. It wilk also start shooting small versions of the Moon Lord's phantasmal death ray. When it is defeated, it vanishes and the message, "The Spirit of Sight has fled!" Will appear.


  • 380,000 Heart
  • 120 Damage
  • 92 Defence



  • During the fight, the screen goes in and out of focus similar to how the screen looks before facing moon lord.
  • If you leave the jungle during the fight, you will get pulled back by an invisible force. This can be very disorienting.