The Soul of Fight is an item dropped by the Wall of Steel in quantities of 10-20. It can be used to enhance weapon damage and speed at an Imbuing Station. It is also used in the crafting of some weapons.


The Soul of Fight is an item used to enhance weapon damage and speed. The higher the weapon stats, more Souls of Fight are needed to upgrade it. Please note that it takes 5 souls of fight to upgrade a weapon. The exchange rate is as follows:

  • 1-20 damage or Very Slow speed = Damage increase by 10 and Slow Speed.
  • 21-40 damage or Slow Speed = Damage increased by 8 and Average Speed.
  • 41-70 damage or Average Speed = Damage increased by 6 and Fast Speed.
  • 71-100 damage or Fast Speed = Damage Increased by 5 and Very Fast Speed.
  • 101 and up damage or Very Fast Speed = Damage Increased by 5 and Insanely Fast Speed.


  • The Souls of Fight work for all types of weapons, and the effect is permanent.
  • The limit to how many times a weapon can be upgraded is three times.

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