Soul Monsters are enemies that spawn during The End. There are two enemies for each biome.


  • Spirit Flyer

-A bird enemy that spawn in small groups.

  • Spirit Sailer

-A fish-like monster that dashes at the player.


  • Spirit Crawler

-A spider enemy that traps the player in sticky webs.

  • Spirit Spiter

-A fungus monster that releases spores.


  • Spirit Crusher

-A golem-like enemy that tries to roll over the player.

  • Spirit Burner

-A flaming creature the shoots a napalm projectile.


  • Spirit Striker

-A serpentine enemy that poisons the player.

  • Spirit Drifter

-A ghost-like entity that can become intangible.


  • Spirit Stalker

-A tall, slim monster that teleports after the player.

  • Spirit Screamer

-A insect-like enemy that dashes at, and tries to blow up the player.


  • Spirit Splitter

-A horrible, disfigured creature that multiplies as it is killed.

  • Spirit Dripper

-A flying monster that drips ichor on the player.


  • Spirit Slicer

-A elf-like enemy holding two, lethal swords.

  • Spirit Charger

-A pegasus monster that flies directly at the player dealing high damage.


  • The Soul Sailer is a reference to the Eon Pokemon.
  • The Soul Stalker is a reference to Slenderman.
  • The Soul Screamer is a reference to Creepers.

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