Signal Drone
The Signal Drone is an enemy spawned every six seconds by the Mother Board. It floats in the air opposite to the other Signal Drones around the Motherboard (eg: if there are four they will each move around the Motherboard one left, one right, one up, and one down.) They will attempt to stay near the Motherboard but will override that to move away if the player gets too close. Finally, when and if the player is within 20 blocks of them, they will fire a laser which inflicts high knockback while dealing low damage. Each Signal Drone has 120 Heart, inflicts 20 melee damage or 8 ranged damage, and has 20 defense.


  • When the Mother Board goes into Stage two, all of them explode.


  • Heart (100%)


Credit for this idea goes to zoomo.

His profile can be viewed here:

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