Shroomite Invasion

The Shroomite Invasion is a hardmode post-Moon Lord optional event that serves as a way to get better weapons and win over the alliance of the Mushroom Biome when you enter War Mode.[1]


The Shroomite Invasion cannot happen naturally and must be summoned by using the Infested Battle Standard.


In a very similar fashion to the Goblin Invasion, a message will appear in chat saying, "The Shroomite Warriors Are Approaching From The [West/East]!" The invasion always invades from the side of the world the Jungle is on. Once the message has appeared, the player must hurry over to the Jungle and wait for the message, "The Shroomite Invasion Has Begun!" to appear in chat, at which point the battle will have begun.

The Shroomite Invasion, in a very different fashion to the Goblin Invasion, has a limit on it. The enemies that spawn during this event will always advance towards the Dungeon (when they're not seeking the player). This means that the enemies will march across the world, and it's up to the player to hold them back.

At the Beach closest the Jungle, the player must face the Shroomite Brute before he/she can go on to the Ocean and win the event.

In order to defeat the event, the player must fight the invasion all the way back to the Ocean closest to the Jungle (this means any ground they gain the player must fight them back on). Once there, the player will have to fight the Giant Truffle Worm. Once it's defeated, the invasion will end.

In order to lose the event, the player has to let the invasion advance all the way to the other Ocean. If this happens, enemies that normally only spawn during this event will now spawn all over the world, and the player must try again to defeat the event before they stop spawning.




  • You can only summon the event if the Truffle NPC is alive and in a suitable house.
  • Any holes or blockages will not stop the invasion.
  • The player cannot simply skip over to the Giant Truffle Worm fight. If the invasion has gotten past the Beach, the miniboss simply won't spawn, or will dig into the ground and despawn if it already has spawned.
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