The Shadow Player is a new boss, which spawns when you use the Mirror of Shadows. He will spawn with his normal name first, but after touching the player, he will get the name of the player, that means for example, if your character is called "Zero", the Shadow will be called "Shadow Zero".


The boss has 15,000 Heart and is a Hard Mode boss.

First Form: It looks like the player but darker. He will use shadow based attacks. He also can summon Dark Spirits. He looks like a shadow version of your player with purple eyes. 

Second Form: His second form is reached when he has 7,500 Heart. His attacks become much faster, the Dark Spirits stop spawning and he can summon a Spell of Shadows, which shoots half-homing projectiles. His look becomes darker and he gets red eyes. He will also summon a ring of Dark Spirits around him.

"Your shadow is lost, and others are gained!" , which will mark that Shadow Monsters will spawn now.


  • 15,000 Heart (Expert Mode: 23,000 Heart)
  • 20 defense (Expert Mode: 30 defense)
  • Shadow Bolts (24 damage, 35 in Expert)
  • Shadow Bolts II (40 damage, 50 in Expert)
  • Dark Spirits (500 Heart, 20 damage, 30 in Expert)



  • The Shadow Shade is a entity of darkness, being able collect Shadows to make itself stronger. Bedravin created several dark spirits to overrun the flora and fauna. Some did it directly and some merged to create the Shadow Shade. The Shadow Shade became greedy for power and consumed many shadows - may it be from slimes or from other living beings. He was also able to mimic the look and behaviour of them. Bedravin told him about a shadow from a being, which could make him unstoppable....your shadow.


  • "You are the hero? How weak. I'll send you in eternal darkness!" - When summoned
  • "How does that taste?" - When attacking
  • "It's no use, give up already!" - When you are at 100Heart
  • "You don't know what you just did, you idiot..." - When entering Phase 2
  • "I'll consume your shadow to become stronger!"
  • "How could this be? I am the real you!" - When defeated