The Shadow Player is a new boss, which spawns when you use the Mirror of Shadows. If the player name is Jim, the Boss is called Shadow Jim, etc.

The boss has 10,000 Heart and is a Hard Mode boss.

First Form: It looks like the player but darker. He strikes with the Excalibur and shoots with Poison Staff. 

Second Form: His second form is reached when he has 5,000 Heart. He now has red eyes and wears Hallowed Armor. He now attacks with the Reinforced Excalibur. When he is defeated a message on the screen will say:

"Your shadow is lost, and others are gained!"

(Thanks for the Idea for the Message, Endershot! )


  • 10,000 Heart (Expert Mode: 18,000 Heart)
  • 20 defense (Expert Mode: 30 defense)
  • 25 damage (Poison) (EM: 40 damage)
  • 50 damage (Excalibur) (EM: 64 damage)
  • 70 damage (Reinforced Excalibur) (EM: 85 damage)



  • Abbadon once fought a hero who was quite strong. He went to his lair and tried to create an opponent with shadows. Unfortunately the hero died. But his dark copy is still alive. Now he will kill the next hero. Since you're the new hero, you are his main target.


  • "You are the hero? How weak. I'll send you in eternal darkness!" - When summoned
  • "How does that taste?" - When attacking
  • "It's no use, give up already!" - When you are at 100Heart
  • "You don't know what you just did, you idiot..." - When entering Phase 2
  • "How could this be? I am the real you!" - When defeated

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