Robo necro




AI Type

Lunatic Cultist


Varies by Each Attack

Max Life

350,000 (500,000 Expert)



*12-26  Gold Coin 100%

The Robotic Necromancer is a boss that can be summoned after defeating 3 bosses in War Mode.He can be summoned by killing the 2 Robo-Archer and the 2 Robo-Mage.He is a harder version of the Lunatic Cultist. He also teleports as well. Upon death 2 messages will appear saying Robot spies are infiltrating... as well as You feel the strong pulsating of a unknown substance... .Also 4 mini-bosses will spawn along with Xerionium Ore.

Methods of Attack

The Robotic Necromancer has 6 types of attacks in all. The rarity of his attacks are randomized. The first attack he can do is a beam similar to the Moon Lord but uses 4 beams instead. When the beams come in contact with each other they will bounce off of each other. He can fire a necro star with 8 laser scythes flying off it. He also can shoot lasers all around him. Red ones doing the most damage,then green,yellow and then finally blue. He can also create fake lag firing lasers as well at the players position. He can perform a ritual copying himself. This can be discouraged by interrupting it. If not disturbed a Robo Assassin will spawn. The Robo Assassin must be killed in order for the fight to continue or the boss will remain invulnerable. His last type of attack is electricity bolts. He will shoot them from his hands very fast making it hard to dodge.

Mini Bosses:


  • Heart 350000
  • 79 Defense


  • Melee: 150
  • Red laser:110
  • Green laser:85
  • Yellow laser:50
  • Blue laser:25
  • Beams:175
  • Necro Star:60/Laser Scythes:105
  • Electricity Bolts:195


  • If he uses his fake lag don't be confused by real lag.When he uses it you will still be able to move your cursor around.Real lag you won't.
  • Sprite is by Terrarrarrarrarrarria57
  • Credit goes to Ususxyehssh for this idea

Music Track: