Radioactive shroom
The Radioactive Mushroom is a block that may spawn in the Glowing Mushroom Biome after War Mode has been unlocked. It gives all mushroom-type monsters 2x speed, 1.2x damage and 1.5x health, and gives a 1.2x damage boost to all non-mushroom monsters, including bosses. Once it is broken, the Mushboom boss will spawn.

When a Radioactive Mushroom appears, which may occur any time in War Mode so long as the world has no more than 2 and no Mushboom is present, a message will appear: The mushroom biome glows brighter...


  • There is no limit to the amount of Radioactive Mushrooms that can be broken at one time, though the maximum number of Mushbooms at one time is 2 due to the Radioactive Mushrooms' spawning requirements.
  • If a Mushroom is present in the world with a Radioactive Mushroom, it will gain the buffs given to mushroom-type enemies as well.

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