The Psychic is an NPC that can spawn as soon as the player acquires a magic weapon in War Mode. She sells magic gear as well as accessories.



  • Trelawney
  • Annie
  • Elizabeth
  • Spirit

Psychic's quotes

  • "You are disturbed..."
  • "Make this quick... the crystal ball calls me..."
  • "Tea leaves? Psshaw."
  • "I sense a disturbance in the very fabric of Terraria..." (Blood Moon)
  • "I see the future... you will buy my wares!"
  • "<Pirate's name> is so coarse, rude... argh!" (Only if Pirate is present)
  • "<Wizard's name> is soooo macho!" (Only if Wizard is present)
  • "Something is very wrong." (Day before Blood Moon rises)

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