The President NPC rewards medals after accomplishing certain feats. The feats will be taken track of per character. The President will move in after at least one feat has been accomplished, an empty housing space is available and at least three other NPCs are present. The president looks like a man with grayish hair, wearing a tuxedo.

President Names

  • Frankie
  • Abe
  • Bill
  • Dishonest Gabe
  • George
  • John
  • Jackson
  • Adams
  • Abraham
  • Nelson
  • Taylor

President Quotes

  • A good day to you, [player name].
  • Have you done something impressive lately?
  • How lucky I am to live in [world name].
  • I have seen that you have done something noteworthy.
  • You get a medal, you get a medal, EVERYBODY GETS A MEDAL!
  • I'll give you a small loan of 1 copper coin. (When tax collecter is here)
  • I will build a wall between me and those zombies. (Nighttime)


The quote "I will build a wall between me and those zombies." is a reference to Donald Trump (don't ask, its just politics)

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