The Phoenix Overlord is a nightime, War Mode boss that can either be summoned using a Fiery Feather, or can summon naturally, having the message, "You feel the wind picking up..." appear the previous morning. He is a boss that will put up a fair fight, even with good weapons. If not defeated by morning, he will transform in to a red bird and hang around your spawn point until night. If you dealt damage to him the previous night, he will respawn with the same amount of health. This process will continue until he is defeated.


To craft the Fiery Feather you will need:

  • 1 Fire Feather
  • 5 Souls of Flight
  • 5 Souls of Bright
  • 5 Souls of Might
  • 20 Cursed Flames/Ichor


Attack Style

  • His attack pattern is similar of a Queen Bee and Eye of Cthulhu.
  • He may also sometimes spawn Flaming Harpies and Lava Bats.

Damage Dealt

  • Fireballs: 50 damage
  • Wings: 90 damage


  • Reborn Mod

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