The Oculord is a powerful War Mode boss and is a direct upgrade to the Eye of Cthulhu and The Twins. It appears to


be a gigantic eyeball. It has 45000 Heart.

First stage

The first stage of the fight is arguably the easiest. In this stage, the Oculord will fly back and forth, shooting bloody tendrils out of its iris at the player. These will drag the player toward the boss and deal 180 damage. It may also make a run towards the player, which homes in on them with 300 damage.

Second stage

The second stage of the fight is triggered when the Oculord reaches 30000 health. In this stage, it will split down the middle with a small space between the halves. The irises of the eye-halves change colors - one will be green, one will be red. The green one inflicts Cursed Flames if it strikes and has 350 power; the red inflicts Bleeding if it strikes and has 350 power. The eye spawns Wandering Eyes (25%), Demon Eyes (25%) and Possessed Eyes (50%) between the halves every few seconds.

Third stage

The third stage of the fight is triggered when the Oculord reaches 15000 health. In this stage, its split halves will rejoin, keeping the eye colors they had during the second stage. They will shoot high-speed (cursed) flaming lasers that have 500 power and inflict Cursed Flames. In addition, the main body of the boss has 9999 defense; only the pupil of the eye, which has 10 defense, can be damaged for more than 1 damage (2 for criticals).


Only one of the following will drop

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