The Mushboom is a War Mode boss summoned by breaking a Radioactive Mushroom in a surface Glowing Mushroom Biome. It has 40000 Heart.

First stage

In the first stage of the fight, the Mushboom throws Mushbombs that deal no damage to tiles and do not spread the Mushroom Biome. They deal 100-300 damage per hit (depending on how close you are to the blast) and have a 50% chance of inflicting the 'Spore' debuff.

Second stage

The second stage of the fight is triggered by getting the Mushboom down to 10000 health. Its bombs do more damage in this stage, but they can be deflected back at the Mushboom if hit with a weapon with 30 power or less. They will also detonate midair if hit with a projectile. The Mushboom will take 10-50 damage from each bomb. The Mushboom gains a melee attack in this stage - a sweep of its hammer. This attack will knock the player back very far and has 250 attack power.

Third stage

The third stage of the fight is unlocked when the Mushboom reaches 2000 health. In this stage, it is immune to all damage except that from its bombs. The player must deflect them back to it to deal damage. In addition, its melee attacks deal 300 damage.


Only one of the following will be dropped


Credit for the sprite goes to Jestex.

His profile can be viewed here:

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