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Phase 1


Phase 2

Mother of Twins is a post-Moon Lord hardmode boss. After the Twins and the Moon Lord are defeated, it has a 1/15 chance of spawning every night. It can also be summoned with the Large Mechanical Eye, which is crafted with Lens(4), Soul of Sight(6), and either with Iron Bars(10), Lead Bars(10), or Titanium Bars(6). It can only be summoned at night, and must be defeated before dawn.

When first spawned or summoned, the Mother of Twins will spawn, along with Spazmatism. Spazmatism is identical to the Spazmatism in the Twins fight, except it is not attached to Retinazer. After it is reduced to 20,000 health, it goes into its second form and spawns Retinazer.


Health: 150,000 Heart

Defense (First Form): 60

Defense (Second Form): 40

Melee (First Form): 50

Melee (Second Form): 75

Laser: 200

Cursed Flame: 50, lasts for 8 seconds


It has two forms. In its first form, its behavior will "switch" between the AI of the two Twins; for a certain period of time, it will act like Retinazer, shooting lasers extremely rapidly and occasionally charging, then will start acting more like Spazmatism. Mother is very slow moving in this form. In its second form, which is triggered at about 75,000 health, it now moves on to its second form. It now acts identically to Spazmatism, though it inflicts more damage \k\\ than Spazmatism, and now has only 8 defense. It also charges much more frequently and aggressively. Its charges are close to the speed of the Eye of Cthulhu in Expert Mode.It will still shoot lasers and cursed flames, but will more frequently shoot lasers.


-~20 gold coins

-Spazmatism and Retinazer's drops (from Spazmatism and Retinazer)

-Stimulator (used with Optic Staff to create True Optic Staff)

-400-500 Luminite

-Vision Helmet