is a miniboss that spawns when a Golden Altar is broken. He is very fast and can jump very high. In addition, when he touches the player, they will be get the 'Goldified' and 'Midas' debuffs for 5 seconds and 2 minutes, respectively. Because of this, Midas is a dangerous foe, as he can immobilize and quickly kill the player.


  • 1000 Heart
  • 35 Melee Damage
  • 18 Defense


  • 5-7 Gold Coin (100%)
  • 15-25 Gold Dust (100%)
  • 10-15 Gold Ore (100%)
  • Coin Rain (33.3%)

Only one of the following will drop

  • Gold Pickaxe (20%)
  • Gold Hammer (20%)
  • Gold Axe (20%)
  • Gold Broadsword (20%)
  • Gold Shortsword (20%)

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