The Merman is an NPC that spawns once Duke Fishron has been defeated in a world and there is a suitable Ocean Biome house for him to move into. He sells end-game ocean-related items and tools.

Merman's wares

Merman's names

  • Poseidon
  • Ned
  • Xgbll
  • Neptune
  • Seafoam
  • Scale
  • Tidespinner

Merman's quotes

  • "I don't like this home. Too dry." (only if not in Ocean Biome home).
  • "Ah, can you smell the sea spray?"
  • "There's a storm blowing in... I can feel it... oh, it's already here?" (only during rain)
  • "They say that Fishron's defeat enrages the ocean."
  • "Whew, am I glad to be free of that Duke!"
  • "My home waters are red..." (only during Blood Moon)
  • "There's an eclipsed sun reflected in the sea..." (only during Solar Eclipse)
  • "I love the Merfolk Bunnies of my homeland, cute little vicious creatures."

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