Mechantera is a War Mode boss that can be summoned by using the Mechanical Bulb in the jungle or by waiting for the message, "You hear the clanking of metal coming from the Underground Jungle...". It is a very powerful boss and should be fought with good armor such as Turtle or Beetle Armor. It will attack by either ramming into the player or summoning minions called Servants of Mechera. It will also shoot homing missiles that do 75 damage and grenades that do 35 damage. Unlike Plantera, Mechantera will not enrage if you leave the Underground Jungle/Jungle itself. If you use a Magic Mirror while fighting it, it will follow you back to your set spawn point at an insanely fast speed and if it hits you, it will deal 350 damage to you and hit you with 3 random debuffs for 7 seconds (excluding The Tongue, Suffocation, and Horrified).

Phase 1


  • 47000Heart (first form)
  • 27000Heart (second form)
  • 135 Damage (body-first form)
  • 170 Damage (body-second form)
  • 50 Damage (vines)
  • 85 Defense (first form)
  • 55 Defense (second form)



Phase 2

For Mechantera to spawn naturally, you must have:  

  • At least 8 NPCs alive and at full health
  • You must have used at least 3 Life Fruit
  • It must be War Mode
  • Mechantera must not be defeated in the world at least once


  • 20-45 Gold Coin (100%)
  • 60-115 Iron/Lead Bars (100%)
  • Flower Bulb (0.5%)
  • The Axe (15%)
  • Temple Key (100%)
  • 10-15 Beetle Husks (100%)
  • 40-55 Rocket IV (65%)
  • Mechantera Hooks (25%)