The Mastersteel Hyperblade is the sword of the Hypersteel Era. It resembles a very advanced Breaker Blade, but bigger and faster. The Hyperblade additionally fires blue lasers at no cost of mana/ammo when right-clicked in a direction, in which case the sword is held out straight instead of being swung like a normal sword. The lasers do not pierce.


  • Damage: 289 (Melee) 145 (Lasers)
  • KB: Extremely Strong
  • Crit Chance: 9% (Melee) 12% (Lasers)
  • Use Time: Very Fast (Melee) Extremely Fast (Lasers)
  • Sell: 20 Platinum
  • Tooltip: 'It's big. 'Nuff said.'


  • 5 Iron/Lead Bard
  • 20 Wire
  • 20 Hypersteel Bars
  • Broken Hero Sword
  • Breaker Blade