The Kraken is a War Mode boss that can be summoned in the Ocean Biome with the Squid Bait. It is a very strong boss, with 100,000 Heart. It is also the guardian of Atlantas, the Sunken City of Gold. If you defect this boss, the city will spawn automatically and the Kraken will drop the Key of the Sea which can open the Sunken City's doors.

First Stage

In the first stage of the fight, the Kraken will swim away from the player whenever it is damaged. It's melee attacks have an attack damage of 100 in this stage. It also has a ranged attack that will inflict the Blinded debuff and has an attack damage of 400. The Kraken may also summon Squids when damaged.

Second Stage

The second stage is activated when the Kraken reaches 50,000 health. Its melee attack grows to 400 damage and its ranged attack gains speed and upgrades to 500 ranged damage.


Only one of the following will drop

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