The Inferno Imp is a Hard Mode Underworld monster that is a direct upgrade to the Fire Imp. It attacks in a similar fashion as the Fire Imp, firing balls of fire that can go through blocks called 'Inferno Spheres', at the player. When the player gets too close, it can also fire a continuous beam of fire (Similar to Spazmatism's attack but not Cursed). The fiery beam can inflict the 'Scorching' debuff (25% chance).


  • 250Heart
  • 53 Damage (Inferno Sphere)
  • 20 Damage (Fire Beam)
  • 45 Defense


  • 0-2 Demon Leather (100%)
  • Magma Stone (3%)
  • Silver Coin
  • Obsidian Rose (2%)
  • Inferno Potion (12%)

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