Indigo Gel is a crafting material that functions identically to normal gel, but makes Indigo Torches instead of normal torches. Indigo Gel can replace normal gel in all recipes requiring it except normal torches.

Indigo Slimes in the Apocalypse event have a 100% chance to drop 1-3 Indigo Gel. This is the only source of Indigo Gel in Terraria, but plenty of Indigo Slimes will spawn in the Apocalypse so it is not difficult to obtain a large amount of Indigo Gel.

Indigo Gel's tooltip also suggests that some sort of berry gives Indigo Slimes their color.


Used in

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Result Ingredients Crafting Station
Indigo Torch Indigo Torch (3) Indigo Gel Indigo Gel By Hand
Wood Wood
Sticky Glowstick Sticky Glowstick (5) Indigo Gel Indigo Gel
Glowstick Glowstick (5)
Sticky Bomb Sticky Bomb Indigo Gel Indigo Gel
Bomb Bomb
Sticky Grenade Sticky Grenade (5) Indigo Gel Indigo Gel
Grenade Grenade (5)
Lesser Healing Potion Lesser Healing Potion (2) Bottle Bottle (2) Placed Bottle Placed Bottle
Alchemy Table Alchemy Table
Indigo Gel Indigo Gel (2)
Normal Mushroom Mushroom
Slime Block Slime Block Indigo Gel Indigo Gel Solidifier Solidifier
Asphalt Block Asphalt Block Indigo Gel Indigo Gel Blend-O-Matic Blend-O-Matic
Stone Block sprite Stone Block (2)
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