The Ichor Armor is a War mode melee armor that is a direct upgrade to Turtle Armor. If you get the Corruption instead of the Crimson, you can craft Cursed Armor instead.


  • Mask: 20 Defense, +10% melee attack speed, +5% melee damage
  • Scale Mail: 34 Defense, +10% melee damage, +5% melee attack speed
  • Greaves: 17 Defense, +5% melee damage, +10% movement speed
  • Set Bonus: +10 Defense, +10% melee damage, hitting an enemy with a melee attack inflicts Ichor.



  • Turtle Helmet
  • 45 Ichor
  • 45 Tissue Samples
  • Crimson Helmet

Scale Mail:

  • Turtle Scale Mail
  • 55 Ichor
  • 55 Tissue Samples
  • Crimson Scale Mail


  • Turtle Leggings
  • 50 Ichor
  • 50 Tissue Samples
  • Crimson Greaves

Crafted at:


Credit for this sprite goes to zoomo.

His profile can be viewed here:

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