The Hypersteel Cometshards is the mage book of the Hypersteel Era, similiar to the Lunar Flare. It casts small metal, shard-like comets as well as blue lasers to shoot down from the sky to the area of aim. The place where the comets/lasers fall from are a wider range than the Lunar Flare. The lasers are faster than the comets, but the comets are still slightly faster than the Lunar Flares. The book is light gray with multiple light blue streaks surrounding a dark gray circle. All projectiles have the same sound as a laser beam, and comets appear about 6 times more frequently than lasers. The projectiles will pass though any blocks in the way of the cursor when used.


  • Damage: 134 (Comets) 177 (Lasers)
  • KB: Weak
  • Mana usage: 10
  • Crit Chance: 11%
  • Use Time: Insanely Fast
  • Velocity: 12 (Comets) 16 (Lasers)
  • Tooltip: 'Where do all these lasers and shards come from anyways?'
  • Sell: 20 Platinum