"It brings the things that make life worth living into the light, and expels all other emotions. When held, everyone becomes passionate about whatever they do."

Hymn to Memories "Gate" is an odd weapon that is a direct upgrade from Humming Resonance "Gate". It attack pattern like the Arkhalis, but it now shoots blasts of wind at enemies. These gusts do massive knockback, and also deal 1/8 of the opponents total HP as damage. These wind blasts are shot on the first strike and every two seconds of auto-attacking after the first strike.


  • 150 Melee Damage (Contact)
  • 1/8 of an Enemy's Total HP (Wind Blasts)
  • Extreme Knockback (Contact)
  • Ludicrous Knockback (Wind Blasts)
  • Lightning Fast Speed


Crafted At:

Used In

World of Hope and Light "Gate"