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The Head of Cthulhu is a very powerful War Mode boss summoned with the Gory Brain during the night. If it is not summoned during the night, nothing will happen. Once summoned, a message will appear: "You have angered the lord of the Ground... The Head of Cthulhu will begin attacking shortly. The body of the head (unlocked in the second stage) has 30,000 Heart and each eye has 3,000 Heart.

First stage

In the first stage of the fight, the Head of Cthulhu will orbit the player, spawning Servants of Cthulhu and Creepers in very large numbers. If it makes contact with the player, which it will try to avoid by teleporting, it strikes with 250 melee power. It will fire lasers at the player from its red eye and Cursed Flames from its right and has 380 ranged power.

Second stage

The second stage of the fight is unlocked when the Head of Cthulhu's eyes are brought down to 1000 Heart. They will then detach from the head, which will keep spawning Creepers, although it will not spawn Servants of Cthulhu. The eyes will avoid the player and get 500 attack power.

The main head becomes vulnerable in this stage. It has 50000 Heart.

Third stage

The third stage of the fight is unlocked when the Head reaches 25000 Heart and the eyes are defeated. In this stage, the Head of Cthulhu will begin flying at the player while shooting very high speed lasers with 200 power. If it makes contact, it strikes with 700 melee power.



Only one of the following will be dropped

Green eye

Red eye

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