Haunted Corrupter is a War Mode upgrade of the Corrupter. While there are no major physical differences, the attack style is much different when compared to the regular Corrupter. The Haunted Corrupter is a bit bigger than the Corrupter, the eyes are a light blue instead of white, and the skin is turquoise instead of green. The Haunted Corrupter can fire a series of two to five projectiles that gives the Spooked debuff when it hits a player, which slows down and can sometimes reverse player movement for 10-15 seconds. The Hanuted Corrupter spawns in the Corruption and Underground Corruption, and rarely the Crimson. Haunted Corrupters are also 5% stronger and 2% faster at nighttime during a full moon and a blood moon.


  • 345Heart
  • 90 Melee damage, +2% during a full or blood moon
  • 60 Projectile damage, +2% during a full or blood moon
  • 65% KB Resistance


  • Haunted Corrupter Banner, 0.045%
  • Various Coins, Gold: 5%, Silver: 45%, Copper: 100%
  • Vitamins, 1.5%
  • Rotten Chunks, 44.44%