The Fungo Fish Rider is a hardmode enemy that spawns during the Shroomite Invasion (or anywhere if the player lost to the invasion). It will swim directly towards the player (with a smarter AI than that of any typical jellyfish, not overshooting as much and as far), attempting to inflict melee damage.


Fungo Fish Rider
  • HP: 1,250
  • Defense: 125
  • Damage: 200
  • KB Resist: 90%


  • 5-10 Glowing Mushroom
  • 5-15 Shroomite Bar
  • 1% Jellyfish Necklace
  • 1% Fishy Truffle


  • This enemy spawns much more commonly in the ocean.
  • This enemy will attempt to jump out of the water in order to strike the player, but on land its movement speed is reduced to 5% than it is in water.
  • This enemy will make every effort to make it back to water if it winds up on land.
  • The Fishy Truffle will not drop if the player lost to the invasion and the enemies spawn everywhere.