Fungi Bulb Rangler

The Fungi Bulb Rangler is a hardmode enemy that spawns during the Shroomite Invasion (or anywhere if the player lost to the invasion). Within a medium-far range of the player, the enemy will stop and the fungi bulb will begin to fire Fungi Spores at the player.


Fungi Bulb Rangler
  • HP: 1,250
  • Defense: 110
  • Damage: 175 (Inflicts the "Confused" Debuff)
  • KB Resist: 90%


  • 5-10 Glowing Mushroom
  • 5-15 Shroomite Bar
  • 1% Fungus Hook


  • This enemy can cause issues due to its ability to confuse the player. This can cause the player to run right into the line of Shroomite Invaders.
  • The Fungus Hook will not drop if the player lost to the invasion and the enemies spawn everywhere.


  • Despite the name, it's actually rangling a Giant Fungi Bulb rather than a regular Fungi Bulb.