The Freezed Armor is an war-mode armor set. It's an melee/ranged based armor set.


  • Helmet: 45 defense, 30% to not consume ammo, 10% melee damage, ranged weapons and melee weapons inflict Frostburn.
  • Breastplate: 50 defense, +10% critical strike chance, 15% movement speed, 20% ranged damage
  • Greaves: 40 defense, 10% to not consume ammo, 20% melee damage, 15% ranged damage
  • Set Bonus: If you press "F", all melee weapons and ranged weapons (only those with over 100 melee/ranged damage) will shoot an laser if used . It has an 2 minute cooldown


  • Helmet: 25 Freezed Bars
  • Breastplate: 30 Freezed Bars
  • Greaves: 20 Freezed Bars
  • At an Demonic Anvil

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