The Forgotten Beast is a Post-Golem boss fought in the Underworld and is summoned by killing a Bone Serpent with a Terra-Blade. It will charge at you (like the Eye of Cthulu and Ocram) and go through blocks if necessary. It will also fire out Ichor streams as it flies above you (like Queen bee) and fire out fire balls.


  • 20,000 Heart / 80,000 Heart (In Expert Mode)
  • 9 Damage / 14 Damage (In Expert Mode)
  • 110-130 / 200-300 (In Expert Mode)




  • The sprite and page are by GoldenOctopus123 and will not tolerate plagiarism!


A millenia ago, an ancient race of wizards were being trained in dark arts, the way of the runes. One of the students, Sonsai, became carried away and could not control his powers. He was driven to madness and turned them all to pain-feeling skeletons, banished to the depths of the caverns. The gods heard of this and trapped his soul in a skeleton too. After many a century of running from his kind, he met a beast of stone chained to a cavern wall. He freed it out of his last kindness and in return, the beast turned Sonsai to living tissue but could not return his powers. He then turned to guns, an equally powerful weapon and hunts down the Rune wizards alongside his loyal Forgotten Beast.


I made this 3 years ago.


The half blood wizard