The Forever God Bow is a Hard-Mode Bow created when a player creates a Katniss while their device's internal clock is set to October 2nd, 2014. When used, a pulse of flame that ignores gravity and isn't affected by the opponent's Defense erupts towards the cursor, piercing infinitely until it hits a wall. When used in conjunction with the Eternal Anniversary Armor, the flame pulse jumps from enemy to enemy, jumping with a range of 1000 blocks as long as the pulse's path isn't obstructed, and for each piece of armor the player has equipped the pulse gets an extra 2 jumps.


  • 156 Ranged Damage
  • Very Fast Speed
  • Medium Knockback


Both the Eternal Anniversary Armor and this weapon are based off of two different items I tried to edit without permission(I didn't fully understand the rules of this wiki), the Forever Flame Armor and the Katniss. Please support the pages that these ideas are based on.