Fenrir is a wolf miniboss spawned at the Snow Biome during a Blizzard during War Mode. Fenrir has 15,000 Heartand three different stages.

First Stage

In the first stage, Fenrir will look as a bit larger wolf with gray and brown fur, and he'll simply rush into the player, dealing 50 damage. He can also howl to spawn 3-5 wolves.

Second Stage

The second stage is reached when his health has reached 13,000 Heart. Fenrir is larger and has a more monstrous and feral appearance, his assaults become more frequent, faster and deal 75 damage. He will also pounce on the player very quickly, dealing 100 damage.

In his howls he will spawn 5-8 wolves and 10-12 werewolves.

Third Stage

The third stage is reached when he reaches 8,000 Heart. Fenrir will assume his true form of a monstrous werewolf and will have much faster and stronger assaults dealing 130 damage. His jumps will become more frequent and faster, dealing 180 damage.


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