The Eyeball's Summons is an exceedingly rare and powerful item dropped very rarely by the Oculord. When used, it summons a pet Eye of Cthulhu. This Eye is about half as large as the true boss. It will assist the player and cannot die. If the player is below 1/4 of their maximum health, the Eye will shoot Cursed Flames; if they are between 1/4 and 1/2 of their maximum, it will shoot lasers.

Only one Eye can be summoned at a time.


  • 50 summon damage (melee)
  • 70 summon damage (lasers)
  • 100 summon damage (flames)
  • Very Slow speed
  • Strong summon knockback
  • Slow summon speed
  • Costs 50 mana

Special ability

  • The Cursed Flames attack will inflict Cursed Flames on targets.

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