The Eye of Purity (EoP) is a Hardmode boss spawned in The Purity. The Eye of Purity acts exactly like the Eye of

Eye of Purity

Eye of Purity

Cthulhu, but stronger and faster. It is summoned by using the Pure Looking Eye item. It is also spawned naturally. Before it is spawned naturally, the message at the bottom-left corner of the screen will say "The purity is watching you..." and the Eye of Purity will spawn in 60 seconds only if the world is in Hardmode and you have beaten the three mechanical bosses. It also summons Servants of Purity that deal 75 / 150 damage. The Eye of Purity also has a second phase. When the Eye of Purity falls down to 25% health, it shoots lasers at its second phase. If you touch its teeth, they will deal 192 / 374 damage.


  • 20000 Heart / 40000 Heart in Expert Mode
  • 33 defense
  • 98 damage / 186 in Expert Mode (contact)
  • 87 damage / 164 in Expert Mode (laser)
  • 100% knockback (KB) resistance
  • Immune to Confused, On Fire!, Poisoned, Venom, Cursed Inferno/Ichor, Shadowflame, Frostburn, and Scorching
  • Immune to lava
    Eye of Purity Stage2

    Eye of Purity Stage 2

Stats (Phase 2)

  • 10000 Heart / 20000 Heart in Expert Mode
  • 49 defense
  • 96 damage / 192 in Expert Mode (contact)
  • 192 damage / 374 in Expert Mode (teeth)
  • 100% knockback (KB) resistance
  • Immune to all debuffs
  • Immune to lava



  • The sprite resembles the Eye of Cthulhu.
  • The Eye of Purity has the exact Al as the Eye of Cthulhu.