The Eviscerator is a War Mode version of the Destroyer that can be summoned by a Circuitboard. It is much larger than its Hardmode counterpart and much more powerful, with 100000 Heart. All its segments share the one healthbar.

The Eviscerator, while not very hard, is unaffected by piercing attacks. Any attack will only hit it once, excluding attacks from flails. This makes weapons such as the Shroom Slammer, Eyeball on a Chain or Snowflake Smasher very effective against it.

First stage

During the first stage of the fight, the Eviscerator has 150 melee power and occasionally shoots lasers at the player, which have 50 power. It will also summon Probes Mk. II sometimes.

Second stage

In the second stage of the fight, which is triggered by bringing the Eviscerator to 50000 Heart, it will gain a blue magnetic field around it, which will pull players in once they touch it. Occasionally, holes will open along its body and release jets of flame on either side, which have 200 power and inflict the On Fire! debuff. The Eviscerator will also try to hit the player, which deals damage based on its 250 melee power. Its lasers will also get faster and go up to 80 ranged power.


Only one of the following will be dropped

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