The Ectopus is a miniboss that spawns in the Dungeon with a 5% chance every time a Dungeon Spirit is killed. It is much more powerful than the Dungeon Spirit, but it is very handy for Ectoplasm farming. This miniboss is made dangerous by the fact that it does not allow the player to flee, except with Rod of Discord, Magic Mirror, Teleportation Potion or Recall Potion.


  • 6,000 Heart
  • 70 Melee Damage
  • 100 Ranged Damage
  • 44 Defense

Attack pattern

The Ectopus will float around, firing blue blobs at the player. Like most projectiles, these can be destroyed with one hit. They may inflict the Cursed or Silenced debuffs as well. If the player attempts to escape, however, it will shoot out a blue tendril that reels them in helplessly, similarly to the Tongue debuff. The tendril has no health and cannot be deflected; it has 70 power. During the fight, the Ectopus will occasionally spawn Dungeon Spirits.



Credit for this sprite, name and original idea goes to Sir Cutswood.

His sprite thread can be reached here:

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